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Frequently Asked Questions

At Lynn Community Fridge Project, we are working to combat food insecurity and reduce food waste. Well-being is at the forefront of what we’re working together towards. Learn more about the positive impact we have on the North Shore and join us in bringing about positive change.


What is a community fridge?

The community fridge is an outdoor refrigerator stocked with donated ingredients. The refrigerator is accessible 24/7 to any community member, no questions asked. Food in the fridge is free.


Why a community fridge?

The Lynn Community Fridge Project helps local families in need while also giving soon-to-be wasted food a second chance. Free food fridges grant residents access to healthy food options combatting food insecurity and measurable health disparities.

Fresh Veggies

What kind of donations are accepted?

Local business owners are donating fresh food items  (fruits/veggies), pantry items (beans, rice, pasta), and dairy products (eggs & milk), in addition to prepared meals of any kind if available. We ask that you label all perishable food with an expiration date and ingredients.

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Where is the Lynn Community Fridge?

The Lynn Community Fridge is located in the Centerboard Parking Lot against the colorful mural at 16 City Hall Square, Lynn, MA.

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Who is maintaining the fridge?

The Lynn Community Fridge Project is run by a network of local volunteers seeking to make a difference. If you want to help out please contact us.

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Are free food fridges real?

You may be thinking it's too good to be true. Community fridges have been tremendously successful across the country. 

Here is an article New York City's Community Refrigerators Offer Free Food for Those in Need, which praises the Community Fridge’s role in NYC and others around the country and a short clip 'The Love Fridge' Helping People Find, Donate Food in Chicago.

Other fridges in the Boston area have had great success. Here are links to their social media pages:


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