Image by Caroline Attwood

About the Project

The Lynn Community Fridge Project was founded with two goals in mind: to combat food insecurities and reduce food waste. The core of our efforts is to make nutritious food accessible to all members of the community. Healthy food should not be a privilege. 

The fridge promotes both a sustainable and economical practice by providing a more equitable and communal way to access food. All contents in the fridge will always be 100-percent free, available 24/7 -- no long lines and no questions asked. We are calling for food donations from local gardens, restaurants, supermarkets, and other establishments that would be willing to donate fresh food to this mutual aid effort. 

Since our founding in 2020, we have been determined to make the North Shore a healthier place for everyone. So much food goes to waste in our society and we want to stop the waste while simultaneously feeding our community!